the process

Like all complex things, your ceremony is the focal point of the day, but it doesn't have to be a stressful one.  The nuptial process can be fairly structured.  Thusly, we cover all the finer details both in written form and in most occasions, an optional rehearsal to ensure a smooth, enjoyable future exchange of vows.  Nuala will expertly guide you through the process and make certain the couple is completely comfortable with all aspects of the program, designed by you, for you. As a Communications specialist Nuala has prided herself in providing excellent and prompt contact with all Brides and Grooms!


Step 1:  Meet and Greet or FaceTime

Our first meet allows you to get to know Nuala and decide if she is the right Celebrant for your occasion.  Normally done at an agreed venue (i.e. cafe) within a compromising location for both parties.  This usually takes about 30 minutes and hopefully ends with a hand shake and tips for the next step.  Choosing a Celebrant is a very personal affair and Nuala understands that.  She truly only wants to make the couple happy with their choice, be it with her or someone else better suited.  She will even recommend other Celebrants for consideration if the couple so wishes to explore these options.  She enjoys meeting new couples and that is rewarding in itself. Alternatively for overseas couples a conference call or FaceTime can easily be arranged.


Step 2:  Meet and Plan or FaceTime

This will be our second meeting to build and lay the framework for the ceremony itself. We'll follow a checklist of "I do's" so we meticulously prepare the itinerary and timing of the nuptials.  Here, Nuala will get a good idea of what you may want so to personalise your ceremony and create a meaningful, tailor fit ceremony.  To this meeting you will each need to bring your passport or original birth certificate, and your drivers licence.  If you have been married before you will also need to bring your divorce certificate.  We will then complete the legal forms so that your marriage can be officially lodged.  A deposit or 50% of the celebrant fee should be tendered at this step.


Step 3:  Extensive Nuptial Options Guide Sent

This informational kit allows better understanding of the nuptial process and grants Nuala greater insight into the couple's own relationship and those of family and friends in attendance.  It will allow the couple to clarify preference of wording including those to use or not to use.   It will also help the couple expunge any private family matters best left discreetly avoided by the celebrant.  It's basically a full running script of the ceremony with personal details needed to customise and inject into the nuptials.  Nuala will seemlessly amalgamate these details from the kit in order to manifest a comprehensive script that is an exact expression of the couple thoughts. A questionnaire will also be sent so Nuala can get a better understanding of your history together and can therefore personalise the ceremony to the max!


Step 4:  Finalise Ceremony Itinerary and Rehearsal

Here we finalise the ceremony script via emails and arrange for a rehearsal date, time, and venue, if requested.  A rehearsal is not mandatory, but is a process that usually puts couple's more at ease, especially for unfamiliar venues, or bigger, more involved ceremonies.  Nuala will summarise the entire nuptials and guide all the participants through the major points of the ceremony.  Rehearsals normally take less than an hour.  All details like paperwork, documents, and alternatives for weather conditions, etc, will be reviewed for confidence.  The remainder of the celebrant fee should be tendered before the rehearsal or after completion of the script.


Step 5:  Here comes the....

Yes, it's finally here.  The day of days has arrived and we are ready to go.  Nuala will arrive bright and early (at least half an hour prior to commencement) to set up the PA and clue all attendees on the proceedings.  She will deliver your nuptials with the grace, style and respect you both deserve.  She'll highlight the couple and the union while engaging your guests in celebration for what will become a moment in time for all to cherish. Whether it be off to the sideline or front and centre, Nuala makes sure the day is all about you!